Get Involved

Sponsor / Donate

One way you can support is by sponsoring a dog. Donating $50 donation covers the food we buy each month and $25 buys a collar and leash. $200 covers the cost of a spay or neuter operation or heartworm treatment for a heartworm positive dog. Any financial support no matter how small is always appreciated. Alternatively, we are also very happy to accept donations of items that you no longer need or want. We can sell these at our thrift shop, at the end of Arthur’s Way, off the waterfront, the road at the side of the Sagicor building. We are at the end next to Economy Printers. Selling items raises funds for the dogs we rescue. Donations of items from businesses that we can use as event or raffle prizes are also very much appreciated. Another way to support is to sponsor ODAAT supporters when they run in the Cayman Islands Marathon or to do a dress down day at work. We cannot do the work we do without the support we get from members of the community.


If you are not willing or able to adopt a dog full time please consider fostering one. Fostering is a short term commitment but is invaluable to us and the dogs in rescuing and saving lives. It is not always easy but you are rewarded with lots of kisses and cuddles. Foster dogs need lots of patience as they are in transition from the streets or from the pound and your home may be very alien to them. As time passes the dog will begin to trust you and they will think your home is the best thing they have experienced in their life so far. It is important to provide guidance and support to your foster dog to help them on their way into their forever home. In order to foster contact us. We then arrange to come round and do a home check and complete a foster form and then work on matching a foster dog to you. If you rent your home we need to see written landlord permission. We provide a crate, bowls, food, and toys for your foster dog and you help us get to know them.

Take Part in Events

One of the easiest ways to support us is by coming to some of our events. Your involvement brings much-needed funds into the coffers and means that we can afford to pay all the expenses we need to rescue the dogs. We have one event every month and these vary so they appeal to different groups of people. We have boat trips, food nights, murder mystery events, ten pin bowling, art events, and race nights. We also do sweepstakes for sporting events and raffles. Without support at these events, we cannot do the work we do.

Act as a Flight Parent

Flight parents are vital to the work of ODAAT as it gives our dogs and pups the opportunity to find homes abroad where there are a lot more people looking for a furry friend. As a flight parent, you act as an escort for a rescue dog checking them in at one airport with the assistance of a representative from ODAAT and then collecting them with your luggage and handing them over to our rescue partner at your destination. All costs and paperwork are done by us. We need US passport holder flight parents to New York flying direct on Cayman Airways, any nationality flier to Tampa on Cayman Airways or to Toronto flying direct on WestJet. Dogs can fly to New York all year round depending on temperatures. Toronto flights do not operate during the summer months as it is too hot for the dogs at this time of the year. If you are traveling to any of these locations please let us know and if you know of friends or families traveling please spread the word as the more dogs we can transport the more lives we can save!

Share Our Social Media / Website

If you can’t come to an event and you are not looking for a dog, sharing the events we are hosting and the dogs we have available takes seconds. Share on Facebook or Instagram or have that face to face conversation with friends. The more people who are aware of the events and the dogs and the work we do the more support we get and the more dogs we can help